Soybean Research
Planting time, methodology for different soybean cultivars

Research will support to optimize the planting time, methodology for different soybean cultivars in agro- ecological condition of our country. In Azerbaijan, yield of soybean is very low as compared with its yield potential.

The use of soybean products in the feed and food industry has increased steadily. The dominant position of soybeans and their products is primarily associated with their high nutritional quality especially with respect to protein and amino acids. High quality soybeans have desirable levels of certain combination of characteristics. Quality characteristics can be classified into three general categories: defects, shipment and storage factors and end use related factors.

High quality soybeans and soy based foods are generally preferred and the standards available will assist the producer and consumers in the selection of the best based on various physical and chemical characteristics and end-use.

Crop Management factors

During the research crop management factors like land preparation, fertilizer, and weed control will be followed for local area. In order to evaluate the effects of planting date and cultivar on various yield and quality attributed of soybean, will be realized a plot experiment .