Grain research
Best practices for grain farming

The research will be conducted in support to improve productivity and determine most profitable wheat in our country. During the research, the team will determine how changes in both domestic and export markets have influenced the quality requirements of local wheat and what is required for the future. AgroCenter researches methods to measure grain quality, safety factors, and grain standards.

Grain research aims: to create a link between key stakeholders such as farmers, policymakers and research communities’; to create a platform for interaction and communication on relevant issues with the support of government structures; to play an active role in implementation monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment of new wheat types.

Research results

The research report will include the results and the best practices for grain farming. In best practices part will include important issues like, to handle herbicide-resistant weeds or delay the onset by varying herbicide options and timings for weed control; Disease control of all wheat types in the rotation; Spreading the timing of farm operations; Spreading risks across commodities; Minimizing the impact of increased fertilizer nitrogen and etc.